Thursday, November 13, 2008

Indiana Zelda in the Catacombs and a massacre in Arles

a long title, but highly appropriate.

this is the LAST PROJECT for my character/Layout class!!!! *insert applause* you can see all stages of it up there. all drawn in graphite.

ok, so this pan shot started as a simple hallway from the arena in Arles, but after we went to Paris and saw the catacombs Jacques suggested i make the hallway like the catacombs. so i did.

those bones.... never mind. i shall not complain. my fingers are sore though. all those BONES!!!!! that lighting was darn difficult too. putting Zelda in was relatively easy after that. drew her over top on tracing paper. CHAAAARGE!!!!!

ok, so this one is really my crowning glory, i guess. finished it yesterday evening. another scene originally based on Arles and then distorted and warped beyond recognition. this one is based off of a photo; actually you can see the original sketch in one of the previous posts. but, i thought it was boring. i wanted to do something to the scene, and i wanted it to be something that was out-of-character for me in particular, so that nobody can say i always draw the same things. because i hate it when people do that.

so the first thing my genius brain thinks of? dead people! let's strew some dead people around in the streets! :D yay!!! ok, when i first started re-drawing this in blue line it looked absolutely horrid; i couldn't get the bodies to look dead, and drawing it all on a larger scale, and trying to get the inking to have the similar sketchy effect as my original drawing on a larger scale, etc. but through the inking process i was able to fudge and tweak enough that i got it to look pretty nice. and it looks sweet all framed and hung up for the gallery show that starts tomorrow. i'll have to take some pictures. :)

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Anonymous said...

it's ly'rae...i was looking at this stuff with my boy and we were reading your comments and i giggled when you said you couldn't get the bodies to look dead and Jon goes, "they look like they're very uncomfortable positions..." so we just wanted to see if you'd enjoy that.
Love and miss ya bunches