Saturday, January 24, 2009


character from last quarter.... doing a rehash. design is geared to animation. was trying to figure out overall shapes and be rather minimalistic. (obviously the hair needs attention... maybe.... hm.) started as just a doodle during critique in anim 2, toying with design and proportions, playing with different pens :) then did a quick turn. structure is a mixture of loomis body/facial shape and jacques figure shape.

i'd like to animate her through the storyboard i originally drew her in, if i have the time. name? i thought maybe laetita, after our wonderful lacoste secretary-coordinator person, but i think it's a bit too fancy. any suggestions from the peanut gallery?


Zelda Vinciguerra said...

I actually like Laetitia, but only because the real Laetitia said I was the best singer she'd ever heard. :P

Lauren Rasmussen said...

haha :D ok, so the very simplified character gets a fancy name! ^____^