Tuesday, August 4, 2009

oh, rain

storming outside.

I haven't drawn fairies in a long time. when I first started REALLY drawing (early high school) it was mostly fantasy stuff, heavily inspired by lord of the rings and .hack and the legend of zelda and comics by CLAMP other random sources. then in college I tried aiming for a more realistic style, which I think I accomplished somewhat. now I'm devolving back into cartoon/stylization, though now the cartoons are much more informed. darn it, Mr. Stocker was right. :)

so here's some fairies. I don't know what they're looking at, but it must be somewhat... shocking. you tell me.

and this one, I think will be a moth fairy, all brown and gray. there were actually a couple moths in the kitchen this morning, and I got pictures of one that sat still on the ceiling (had to climb up on a chair) but the other one flew down around the floor and I think the cat ate it.

and for kicks, another of Blanche. woot.

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