Sunday, May 16, 2010


been moleskine-sketching like a fiend, in allllll sorts of places!! not to mention all the stuff that's oozing out of my head all the time.

crowd people and Walk the Moon dudes (concert in Newport):

Walk the Moon dudes and crowd people:

character concepts on sticky notes and sketches from Mason HS production of Annie Get Your Gun:

random stuff from Union Terminal Museum and a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra May Festival rehearsal:

more CSO rehearsal, which took place in Music Hall (which is a lot taller than I made it look):

some Seedy Seeds, Mad Hatter crowds, and some random chick from my head:

....and Josephine Baker.

I'm not sure if the Josephine Baker is due more to the documentary I watched about her yesterday, or the sketch that Chrystin did a while ago. or maybe the sketch subconciously got me to watch the documentary.

whatever. :)


Chrystin said...

These sketches are amazing! Of course, Josephine is my favorite! XDD

Lauren Rasmussen said...

I think she's my favorite too, she's just so sexy and cuuute!!! :D