Thursday, July 8, 2010


after being visually assaulted by submissions for Sketchoholic by Chrystin, Matt, and Zane - pretty much all at the same time - I figured I should prooobably check it out. :D

sooo, this is for the shut up and draw contest of the day! time to put those typing and babysitting muscles to rest and get the drawing and animating ones up to scratch once more. .... looks like it may take a little while. :D

THOUGHT PROCESS ON THE DIDDLEBOP: when I read the word diddlebop I first thought of little bunny foo foo, bopping whatever on the head. (yeah, I was a Barney watcher about 18 years ago. looks like some of the other participants were too.) :) and then the word itself, diddlebop, eventually struck me as something that Dr. Seuss would make up. so, there you go.

Excuse me while I go put some aloe on my delightfully tomato-shade of sunburn on my left arm. yup. I'm back in Savannah!

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