Friday, August 6, 2010

Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds!

OK then! Having obtained permission from my boss, I can now show the wide wonderful world what I've been working on for The Story Ship!

A good background doesn't have a point of interest; there is no real subject. a good background looks like it is just waiting for the character to walk in. saying that... just backgrounds can be kind of boring. but, here they are anyhow.

Note: in order to circumvent a ton of shadow animation, I deliberately left out most specific cast shadows; just leaving the atmospheric shadows. we don't have enough time to animate everyone's shadow. O___O so... it is perpetually "generally sunny" in fairytale land. :)

(Don't worry; there will be a phone in that phone-machine later.)

("what's with the pink doormat?" the mice are blind; how can they tell the difference?) :)

I just had a long scanning party for all of my character sketches for the crowd scene... you'll be seeing those in the next week!

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