Friday, September 3, 2010


It's September 3 already. Time sure flies when you don't want it to. :P

Animation is moving along for The Story Ship; I've finished cleaning and coloring one scene and compositing another, but I'll have to get permission from my boss to post stuff here (and try and remember a good compression method so that I can actually upload the clips. :P)

Here's another spare-time monochrome Blanche doodle:

And now, a rant! I don't know what all music you listen to, dear reader, but I have noticed in the general populace of young adult America there is an acute lack of classical music. I'm not talking about movie soundtracks, here! I'm talking about instrumental music written for the sake of music. Like abstract painting just for the sake of color.

I don't like all classical music, but in general I do and I have a good group of favorite composers, and a ton of respect for ALL composers whether I like their music or not (probably stems somehow from growing up with 12 violins and 5 pianos in the house).

ANYhow. Here's some good stuff, I guarantee - music that is emotive and sounds like a story; my favorite kind. This is a list I put together for cleanup animation:

And none of it comes from a movie soundtrack, by gum! With the possible exception being Bernstein's symphonic dances; but really what Bernstein did with those was take the most prevalent themes from his musical West Side Story and rearrange them into a classical suite. picky, picky. :)

and speaking of music, this is rather intriguing - Brian Wilson reinterpreting George and Ira Gershwin! I'm a much bigger Gershwin fan than Beach Boys fan, but this really sounds neato.

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Wirt said...

I find Dvorak's 9th symphony in E minor kinda fun.
Does Mason Williams' Classical GAS count? (the full orchestra recording)