Thursday, November 11, 2010

possibly still living

All of the animation for my senior film.... is hereby FINISHED. *cockroach under my desk tries to chirp like a cricket and fails*. This has, in terms of workload/sleep deprivation, been my worst quarter at SCAD thus far, but it is almost over! With my senior film finished, I have only to take Craig's portfolio/reel/website/everything else class next quarter and I will be finished with my major. With that, I have three classes left to my Sequential Art minor and I will be, ladies and gentlemen, a SCAD alum. *cockroach scurries away under the bookshelf*.

If anyone is still around to read this after all the neglect this blog has gotten the past couple months, here's a doodly doodle of a girl who could possibly be named Anna Sun, after that Walk the Moon song.

Speaking of which, people, Walk the Moon's album release party is THIS SATURDAY. if you are anywhere near the Cincinnati area, you should totally go. They are the epitome of awesome, especially Nick, because I said so. Info about that show is heeyah.

Last week I had the immense privilege of seeing a TON of awesome moving pictures at the Savannah Film Festival; one of the biggest highlights for me being Sylvain Chomet's new film The Illusionist. It will be released in New York and LA sometime in December to qualify for the Oscar, but it is also screening at CTN Expo next week so maybe it's got a few more gigs around the country as well; I don't know. either way, it's a GORGEOUS film (by Sylvain Chomet, it's impossible to not be gorgeous). if you have a chance to see it, please do. I wrote a review of it after the screening, and will post that up here in a little bit.


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holler! thanks for the shout out