Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is the time for Concerts!!!

OK, so there was a Christmas concert up in hamilton... Orchestra, kids choir... this is boring, the better concert is the second one.

one of the girls in the kids choir had HUGE hair.

and it was cute, so I made a character out of her hair. I think she probably lives down the street from sour berries kid.

So then there was a WALK THE MOON CONCERT AT THE MAD HATTER. An UGLY (or just misunderstood) SWEATER PARTY. and it was CRAZY fun. and I'm sorry for my handwriting; that's what happens when it's dark. Painted under my sketches in photoshop.

Everybody and the WTM dudes were sweaterfied...

Especially Sean. Kevin's sweater may have been pink, but Sean's had cats AND flowers. WIN.

the videos I took at that show are uploading AS I TYPE THIS. I got WTM's album at the show, as well as an EP by The Pass - love 'em both! Music is a wonderful thing.

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