Friday, November 25, 2011


Hey everyone YESTERDAY WAS THANKSGIVING!!! :D hence, the somewhat food-related comic! HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GOOD DAY OFF!!!! And if you have a retail job today, I am very, very sorry. :(

My family had some friends over for the feast, one of whom was a rather older lady named Mary Jo. She told me a story that I really, really want to make into a comic:

In Covington Kentucky years ago, there was a neighborhood by the Ohio river that had a horrible time with river rats. They would get into the sewer pipes, and climb up into peoples houses. one lady in this neighborhood even saw a rat climb out of her TOILET. Now, there was another certain lady in this neighborhood, who was very helpful and devout. She prayed to God to please make the river rats leave, because everyone was scared and miserable. Then, one morning, this devout lady walked out onto her back porch and there were nine tomcats sitting there, quite at home. She was very puzzled, because tomcats as a rule do not get along and hate each other. but, being a kind woman, she went back into the house, got some food and fed them. Over the next few months, those tomcats kept hanging around, and she kept feeding them. At the same time, the river rats slowly started to disappear.... until there weren't any left, in the whole neighborhood. And when there were no rats left, the tomcats disappeared as well. The end.

I do enjoy drawing cats, as most of you know, and this story just has such a funny root. I would be so happy to be able to draw it some day. :)

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