Saturday, August 25, 2012

Public - RED Album Design

I said I had some album designs coming up - here's the first!  This album was released a few months ago by the local Cincinnati band Public.  (I have some videos of them to upload to my Youtube account...)

Here's the original concept:

The band used to be named Crown, and this concept was originally created as an idea for a T-shirt design.  They went with another idea, but still liked this one...

And ended up using it on the cover of their first EP.
I created the imagery for the album in watercolor, and composited the images together digitally for flexibility (Loin on one layer, Lion's background on another layer,  a couple different versions of the inside cover which were combined, etc.)

Here's the outside cover without the text (all of which was hand-written):

And here's my autographed copy of the final album.  BE JEALOUS.  :)

There have been a couple album designs now in which the musicians have asked that I hand-write their text.  I can't help but  be amused to see my own handwriting both in comics and on stacks of CDs. :D


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Anonymous said...

i love thins i wish i could use it as a logo