Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fanart Friday: Link in the Forest Temple

Because the last Link was less-than-dignified, I decided to do a cool one (EDIT: The aforementioned less-than-dignified Link).  Legend of Zelda is such a fun thing to fall back on when getting back in the swing of things and toying with what to draw.  Does anyone else fall back on fanart when warming up?

At any rate, here's that Link!:

I've been resorting to a lot of greyscale/watercolor washes lately, and decided to go with just stark blacks on this one for a change.  granted, I colored it, so that might've cancelled out whatever my subconscious was trying to do.
And the sketch:

A reminder that you can find me on twitter and instagram!  I'm doing my best to slowly get my work out on a lot of platforms.  Oh internet, you have so many ways about you. The only one I haven't really tackled is tumblr.  Not sure what to think of that one, when I've already got a blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, i love your style. And i agree, zelda fanart makes for the perfect warm up! I think it is 1. Because of the emotional investment in the character (you are him and go thru his experiences in the series, after all), and you sort of get a feel for how he moves physically by seeing the character in all these dynamic movements on the screen and that makes it easier to translate him to paper. I agree completely! Keep up the fantastic work!