Monday, March 31, 2008

Premise for Animation

It was very hard to come up with any ideas for this assignment, a single animation. Usually my ideas turn out to be too elaborate and long. But this past weekend, I was re-reading one of my favorite books (for about the 21st time) and thought that perhaps I could animate a scene from the book.

I read The Secret Garden just about every spring. I think I started doing that in 7th or 8th grade. So of course (in my opinion at least) it is a wonderful book. For my digital form, space and lighting class final I decided I would model the bedroom of the character Colin Craven from this book, why not use another bit of the book for this class? My only problem now would be what scene to animate.

Though I love the dialogue in the book, and how the character’s personalities come through so well through their words, I believe it would be simpler for me to do a scene without it, since I have never done lip-syncing before, but I am good with facial expressions.

Some scenes I think may work would be:

-when Mary first enters the garden, and is just exploring and looking around. The main animation of this scene would be of Mary walking around, perhaps a bit of animation of the plants if a breeze is blowing. the fun part of this scene would be all the background imagery of the garden.

-another good one might be when Colin first meets Dickon. Colin has been sick in bed, but is recovering and reading books with Mary in his room, when Dickon comes to visit and brings his pets, which are a crow, a young fox, two squirrels and a baby lamb. For this project I might cut the squirrels and fox and just have the crow and lamb, since they are the most important to this scene.

-the last I thought of would be a scene that isn’t exactly described in the book, but goes with the story; where Mary is walking or skipping rope through the garden paths, then sees the robin and chases after him as he flies away. This is similar to the first scene I mentioned, in that the backgrounds would be fun, and also I would have more opportunity with the action. Also, perhaps a bit like this could lead into Mary running out to the moor and finding Dickon or something.

I think I like that third idea the best, but I’ll keep drawing and mulling over them.


Yensil blogs again! said...

I think your title should say "Bloggerbaw"

Anonymous said...

I like the first idea of her first going into the garden and exploring it. You could do a lot with that simple idea for the scene. Perhaps you could also change it and have something happen while in the garden to give it some story.