Monday, April 14, 2008


nearly finished with the turn-around drawings of mary. the front, 3/4 and side are all drawn but i still need to draw the back. i also started some more facial expressions, but since i don't REALLY need them i might not finish them. depends on how much time i end up with. and then once i finish them i'll xerox them and ink them, and blah blah blah et cetera. i don't have the drawings scanned yet, or i'd post them here.

since it can be rather annoying to get to monty from where i live down at the dorms, i think i might draw my keyframes right over my background sketches with pencil and paper on my lightbox, and proceed to animation here on the cintique. lots to do... including finishing up 3 more models for my digital form, space and lighting class by next monday and writing an essay for my 20th century art history class that's due tomorrow. tomorrow?! my, how time flies....

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