Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Production Schedule

NOTE: all of these time periods and whatnot are verrrry approximate, most of all the backgrounds and rough animation. but.... yes. it will get finished. :)

also, here is my reworked script-thinger.

Sound Effect


1. Jumping rope sfx

Long Shot pan across a garden in early spring (mostly gray, but a bit of green beginning to show in the grass and leaves) at the end of the pan, a little girl is jumping rope along the path and onscreen.

2. jumping stops, panting

robin twitter

Med. Close of the girl, she stops jumping, leans on her knees and pants a bit

Mary hears the robin and looks around for him

3. More twittering, footsteps

Longer Shot of Mary from up in a tree, the robin hops onto a branch on screen so we see him from the back, Mary sees and steps towards the tree as the robin hops onto the garden wall

4. footsteps

Med./long Mary from the back, the robin is hopping on the wall

5. twittering

Close on the robin, he hops about as he twitters (like he’s talking to Mary)

6. Continue twittering, laughter

Close Mary laughs as she watches the robin

7. twittering

Med. Close Robin hops some more, flies off the wall

8. Twittering/laughing, footsteps

Long Mary steps back as the robin takes off, then gives chase; he flies around the corner of the wall and she follows

9. Twittering and footsteps, low piping music

View into the garden path from a doorway onto the moor. we see the robin fly past and soon Mary follows; she passes the doorway completely, but then turns back and peeks around the doorway

10. Piping music

Long View out onto the moor- short pan across to a tree where a boy is sitting with his back to us, playing the flute. A few animals are around listening

11. Piping music

Close of a squirrel climbing down a tree over the boy’s head; the ground where a few other animals are is in view

12. Footstep

Med. Mary steps softly through the doorway but her step makes a sound and she gasps a little

13. Music stops

The animals look up, and the boy raises a hand, “shh,” but kindly. He puts his hand down and begins to stand up, very slowly


Side med. View of Mary, she blinks a couple times, a bit confused or surprised

15. Rustle of animals

Back on Dickon, he is very slowly standing, then finally stands straight; the animals start to go, but not in a scared way

16. Rustle of animals

Med./close of animals leaving , rabbit hopping away

17. Short laugh

Close Backview of Dickon, he turns towards Mary and smiles/laughs


Close on Mary, she still looks surprised, then slowly smiles back.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you, my friend...and you are still a freaking AMAZING ARTIST!