Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The End.

The last post for class! well, about the secret garden. i've wanted to animate this book for a loooong time, and since now was a chance that i actually could i jumped at the opportunity. i tried to choose a scene that would have a fair amount of action and movement, as well as a bit of emotion, so that i could try a range of things to animate.

i did finish the project, i finished everything i wanted to, but if i had a bit if extra time, there are several things i'd like to smooth out. in many of the scenes the animation is almost more of an animatic. i left the less important scenes as just keyframes, but only because i knew at my speed and with my perfectionist tendencies i would never get them finished, so instead i concentrated on fully animating the most important acting scenes.

once i can get the file compressed down, i'll be able to upload it here....

have a great summer, everyone! :)

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