Friday, May 23, 2008

BG the last one

that's the last one! still animating - i've got a lot of the roughs and have finished a lot of cleanup and color as well. also recorded all the sound i'll need with cogle and zelda on sunday; thank goodness for elaine knowing about whatever that odd sound program was in the booth because i couldn't have figured it out unless i'd had a couple hours to just fiddle with it. so now i just have to get those sound effects and things edited up and matched in.

i'll probably upload another progress animation clip either tonight or tomorrow since i've gotten a lot finished since that last one. also got some good sketches for one of scully's characters for his lilith morningstar story. AND i need to scan in those inked mary drawings; i recently realized that i never did post a complete character sheet for her. ^^;;;

ciao for now.

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