Friday, July 18, 2008

just a small one

a good scanner is hard to come by in my area of residence. :P

at any rate... been working on a lot of new and old projects; and the new desk job is going well but i never thought i'd end up in a cubicle in a room full of techies and programmers, haha. as for personal and freelance stuff:

>if you're familiar with my deviantart site, you may remember a character sheet for a trio known as puppet, cat and blanche. blanche i've been drawing for years, but cat and puppet are more recent additions. i've been writing out their story which i plan to draw in some sort of quasi-sequential/storybook style. the text is basically just description of the visuals with dialogue- script as narrative. it can be read in parts on my LJ:
i want to start doing sketches for that soon. but it'll happen when i have free time. (not soon.) :P

>working on two more chatacter designs for the lilith morningstar story that skully ( ) has been writing. got a handful of good sketches for one of them, need to finish the turnaround and then i'll post her.

>am commissioned to do a character design/poster illustration of a friend's DND character (I LOVE DRAWING DND CHARACTERS XD ) i've only got a description and really rough pose sketches so far, but it's started.

>THE BEST THING: my first freelance animation job! WOOHOO!!!! would you be surprised that it's for the same band i've been working with for the past two years? haha. ( ) walk the moon, the band i've been designing merch for. i got to talking with their producer Erwin Musper at one of their gigs, and he came up with the idea for an animated intro/outtro they could use for a live rock video they'll be recording in a few weeks!!!

so, that is the newest thing; almost finished with the storyboards, and once i get my new laptop and software i'll be able to put an animatic together to pitch. it's still a bit up in the air, and who knows when (if) i'll get paid, but heck if it's a good peice for my reel then good deal. :)

so that's what's going on... and i should probably get back to work. ttfn.

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