Tuesday, July 29, 2008

still walking the moon, but not earth's moon

storyboards/thumbnails are good for walk the moon's animated intro.... now i just need to board the thumbnails for the outtro, put together the animatics and get animating. annnd design the DVD menu. o____o 3 weeks. that's gonna be difficult to swing, working full-time. *deep breath* at least it doesn't need color.

talked to Nick a bit about a REAL music video- something from the EP. Sam thought we should do stone cold fox, because it's the most popular. i'm glad Nick didn't sound too convinced of that... he said that stone cold fox is supposed to be interpreted in different ways by different people, or just however they want to interpret it, so therefore making a video of it would give it one definitive interpretation which defeats the purpose.

this is just my OPINION… but I think when you want to make a music video (no matter in what film medium or genre of music) you should choose a song that would be enhanced by having video with it- whether that be judged by the lyrics or the music itself. (think disney's Fantasia films.)

Nick was leaning towards angeline, and I agree… with live of the band cut between the animated parts that tell the story, fading in and out. That is one that’d look best in color- cue photoshop CS3 learning manual/calling Elaine with offers of chocolate.

Burning or autopilot might both be good for videos at some point based on both the music and lyrics, but they’re both rather abstract so it’d take a lot of brainstorming for those. But the song I REALLY want to do is the ceiling. That song has a definite story to it; the lyrics write the images all by themselves, and basically puts the challenges down to shots and camera angles. :)

i emailed nick to ask if he cared whether i put the storyboards up on here or deviantart, but i'm a-thinkin' he's pretty busy, with the band and his job. i'll probably call him in the next couple days.

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