Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drawing for Seq. Madness

These are projects from Lyle’s class, the best up to midterm! I’ll put them in order.

Figures on a horizon line- these are all out of my head, with some help from Andrew Loomis. Some foreshortening problems but it's still ok.

Next are some generic faces- we had to do 12 for the project but these two are the best I think. Based on other students that I did quick sketches of in sketch club :)

After that we had to do 12 different facial expressions of the same character, with only a couple photo references. Here’s the two photos I used (my friend sarah):

And here’s all the expressions. woot woot :) I do like these.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness! I love your work! haha but then again, I love any kind of pencil drawing. Its awesome :)