Wednesday, February 11, 2009


yeah, another infamous Norris project: pick a scene!
a vampire with the staked body of her lover and a mob coming to get her too?
a teenage couple in a car, doing... whatever outside of one of their houses, and that person's parents looking into the car?
or two detectives standing over a murdered corpse in a city as a crowd starts to gather?

yeah, i picked the last one. made the time period the 40s, because I can. someone else did this scene in the Elizabethan era and some woman got stabbed with a rapier and had a note pinned through it. deliciously creepy. :) anyway, this is the pencils; inks are due next monday.

here it is without the blueline if you'd like to see it that way:

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Lady Garland said...

I like this! Your class sounds like so much fun! XD