Thursday, March 19, 2009

and now, with CHARACTER!

so here's some character designs. if i could get a job doing character designs, i would be happy indeed. :)

these first 4 are from the "magic eggs" story (amanda and foy don't come in till later).

these dudes are for a commission I'm working on right now- it takes place in an office, so these are office-types. these kind of characters are actually a bit more difficult for me, because there's less to work with in the way of different costume choices (though there are a lot if you really look). so these rely mostly on physical traits to differentiate between characters.

lastly... some flapper girl sketches from that IDEA i mentioned earlier. hm. actually, maybe I'd better email Troy and ask if i oughta save it for a senior film or something. that'd be fun.

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