Tuesday, March 3, 2009


and I've been doing a ton of crap for class. been unusually cold for savannah lately... snow up in Macon. crazy. also, if anyone needs someone who can do graphic design/portraits/storyboards/comics/painting/flash animation, please let me know, because Emerson marketing dept. isn't allowed to take on Temps for the time being. *slightly desperate pleading*. here's my email: LDRasmussen@aol.com

SO anyway we're well into the finals now, but I'm posting more than just that smut. first up here's the finishing touches on the "case of murder" piece...

ha. fooled you. nope, this is just the color layer (watercolor) of the image-- in the olden days, this would've been painted on bluelines of the ink, then the ink would be photocopied onto celluloid and laid over top. but of course nowadays that's all done with digital magic-ness.

turned out pretty nice- of course it didn't line up correctly, but I was able to finagle it into looking halfway-decent. and for fun, here's a watercolor of ol' Cap we did for a class exercise. Matt chastised me later for giving him wrong color gloves and chest star. whatever, he's currently dead anyways. ^_____^

(till Marvel revives him. you KNOW they will.)

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