Tuesday, July 14, 2009

old comics!

ok dudes, i'll be in michigan with a lot of crazy children for the rest of the week. so here, have some comic strips I did for Larison's class year before last. should be amusing, on multiple levels. (and are all true stories. or at least inspired by.)

on a completely different note, the Animation Mentor webinar hosted by Bobby Beck and featuring DON HAHN talking about Walt Stanchfield and his two books was AWESOME!!!! (who's Don Hahn? look him up on IMDB and be intimidated.) i think one of the most fun things was seeing Mr. Hahn on a webcam in an office, and not in a studio-lit environment on a Disney DVD. there were lots of good questions, and i took lots of notes. maybe I'll post those later. :)

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Zelda Vinciguerra said...

Heck yeah I remember those comics! I'm almost surprised none of my antics made it in.

Oh, wait, there were no antics in Winter '08. My conscience was around to stop me. XD