Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harry Potter character sketches

oh yeah, i DID it. hehee.

hey now! the movie comes out next week, and of COURSE I had to re-read the book before I saw it. read it in 3 days (took up half my house-sitting evenings. that's why I never did turn a movie on.) without further ado:

hopefully you can tell which are Hermione, Ron and Harry. i decidedly tried to make them NOT look like their actors, because the actors just look too good. and hopefully recognisability will cement once I color them. (oh yes, i fully intend on coloring these! what do you think the red shading ref. is for?)

not that it matters when the movie comes out... i'll be in Michigan with a lot of 3rd-6th graders next week/weekend. but i'll see it at some point. :)

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