Wednesday, April 14, 2010

happenin' happenings

A drawing of Blanche; pose inspired by Wybie in Coraline. Warming up to work on backgrounds for Chrystin's film Ma Monde. i'll have to ask her if I'm allowed to post those on here. :)

in other news, I'm back in Cincinnati for a little while - not sure how long. I might MIGHT be getting a freelance animation job from a really nice guy who's based in Savannah, so I'll be moving back there with Renee and Kyle if that pans out. if not, I'll be staying at Standex Electronics for the rest of the summer. at least it pays all right.

in other OTHER news, I shook Don Hahn's hand Monday evening. EEEEK!!!! I'm still geeking out! I got to talk to him just before the screening of his film Waking Sleeping Beauty. I said I would write a review for it, and I did; so that will be posted next.

we'll see what other exciting things happen the rest of the spring and summer.... If I could get married, that would be awesome. unlikely, but AWESOME. man, I really want to be married. YOU HEAR THAT, MATT? I REALLY REEEEALLY WANT TO MARRY YOU!


Ta ta for now!

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