Friday, April 23, 2010

Piano Recital

so I went to my brother's piano recital this evening, and LO there were children sitting on a piano bench, SITTING STILL, for a whole minute or MORE! so that is why here we have a lovely example of "A Lot Of Children (almost) All Doing the Same Thing (And a Dad)."

in less interesting news, I've been listening to Owl City's song "Tip of the Iceberg" over and over and over. it's like a story... I can see it in my head when I listen. I'd really love to do some sort of story animatic to the song (not a full-scale animation - won't have time, and I'd rather be paid. :) so, here are some character sketches.... the boy is based on Adam Young, a bit, naturally; the girl is loosely based on mah boss-director Chrystin that I'm currently drawing backgrounds for. because she's 100% awesome and 100% adorable.

there will most definitely be AE snow. and something to do with ice skates. :)

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Lady Garland said...

Aww!! All these drawings are so cute! You make me want to cut my hair again! XDD