Friday, January 7, 2011

Witchy World

Hello All! I didn't have time to draw a Merry Christmas OR Happy New Year card this year, and that makes me sad. But, oh well. So I'll start this new year 2011 off with some concept art!

These background concepts are for the student film Mother's Craft by Kevin Hobson. These are images of the interior of the house, where the majority of the film takes place.

I tried to create the props in a way to make their combination in the house equally homey and humorously "witchy". The two characters in the film are witches, but as you can see, they keep a tidy house.

the room is actually a normal rectangular room; I have stretched out the perspective in both of these images to get a clear idea of the prop layout.

These designs are in no way final; there have already been some changes made in the last week or so. But you'll see how they develop in the coming month.

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