Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Journals

The SCAD Minicomics Expo today: SUCCESS!!! I would have come out with more money if I hadn't spent it on comics before I left, haha. But how could I pass up original art by Pranas, a super-awesome book and screenprinted poster by Ralph, and a dinotopia-esque compendium by Nate Marsh? ANSWER: I COULDN'T. :)

I still came out in the positive, though! I learned that a lot more people enjoy sketchbooks than I anticipated, because I completely RAN OUT. I will have to be sure and print more before Captain's Comic Expo in a couple weeks.

and now, in celebration of this first artist alley, a few of my favorite journal comics from The Book of Elf Vol. 1 (which I sold and traded a few of today!) I've done a fair amount of journal comics before, but i never nailed down a consistent size or medium so that they would feel as though they had some kind of continuity. But anyway... now you can know just how much of a dork I am. :D

Updated Con Schedule:
3/19: Captain's Comic Expo - EXHIBITING
4/23: Fluke Con - Exhibiting (if I get there early enough)
6/5: Heroes Con - Maybe attending... it's the day after graduation. Blar.
9/10: Small Press Expo - Attending (mostly so I can bother Pranas, Renee and Kyle.) :D

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Adrienne said...

Hiya! bought some of your lovely comics at the expo! I look forward to seeing more of your work ^-^