Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sketchbook pages and coming attractions!

Well, this has been a hellish uninteresting month for updates! But here are some sketchbook pages - the faces are from my last day in Professional Development for Animation class; the animals and tree are from a trip to the Oatland Wildlife Preserve during spring break (spent a considerable lot more time on that tree than any of the animals I saw). Said spring break was incredibly, wonderfully uneventful! And this week begins my very last quarter at SCAD. Cue introspection, sadness, happiness, and general emotional upheaval.

In other news, after discussing and polling my friends, I have decided to develop The Quest for the Radical-Righteous Band Hippie as a webcomic. It will be laid out in chapters, with virtually no recurring characters between chapters except for the Band Hippie himself. I will be putting considerable more meat into the stories of each band (in the original minicomic, each band's story was only two strips long).

I very much like the idea of this episodic, chapter-by-chapter setup - it'll give me a lot of wiggle room to explore into this world of action, adventure, fantasy, and the idiosyncrasies of being a modern musician. If all goes well, expect to see visual development for this project up here in the coming months; and if I plan correctly, a website with some initial content in June. HERE I GO!!!!

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Lady Garland said...

I'm so excited to read your comic! Definitely keep me posted! Have a wonderful last quarter, darling!