Monday, April 7, 2008

flash past

the picture mode in this thing is really beginning to bug me. oh well. let's see if i can figure this out... aha, html editing. yessssss. *evil laughter* ok, here we go.

this is a watercolor i did back in high school, 2004. even though it's so old, i've never been able to find anything that i don't like about it. which is very strange.

i've always liked this poster design i did in 2006. my old high school commissioned it for their play. one of the few pieces i've done completely in photoshop, aside from the original sketch.

this was an environment design thinger for my drawing for storyboarding class last year.

from my life drawing 1 class at the end of last school year. SCAD bought this from me.

the first page of a silent comic for larison's intro to sequential class last quarter.

here's another from larison's class; a page from a story that i wrote and illustrated in watercolor. if you wanna read it all, here's the first page:

hm, may as well put up some for-fun stuff. a character design.

a color design for a friend's character. watercolor.

and hey, i'm an avid deviantart member. this is my page--
if you're on there too, if you tell me your username i'd love to come see your work. yes, i am very geeky. :)


LeiaBoMi said...

You have strong drawing skills!I love your work of drawing 1!!

Greg Morgan said...

You've got some really nice stuff here. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I really like the variety of work that you have.

Stacia Joy Grabber said...

Love the character design! So much energy and life.