Saturday, June 27, 2009

metaphor for passion

...and while I'm explaining tags, I may as well explain this one too.

'metaphor for passion' is the working title for a project of mine that started in high school (or at least, that's when i started drawing the characters that would later go into this story.) it's constantly ongoing... in the end (if it ends) it'll be a graphic novel. assuming it gets published someday of course, who knows. i'm just taking the Flight attitude of drawing it first, then seeing what happens.

I've got a lot of it written in my livejournal, but the writing has been at a stall since last fall and I've mostly just been drawing stuff in my spare time. still trying to get the character designs tacked down, and to figure out just how fantastical this world is that they're journeying through.

if you read the story, the various environments the characters pass through might seem very like places on our earth, but i'll do my best to make them less.... common in appearance once I've gotten farther along.

a previous working title was simply 'Puppet, Cat and Blanche' since these are the main characters on this journey. buuut I changed it.

at any rate... the drawing above was drawn sometime in the past week, between working on notes and presentations for the art class I was co-teaching. it was drawn quickly which is why it's not very interesting... but, whenever I'm stressed or sad or just not myself, drawing Blanche in particular would make me feel better. (she's the first character I came up with.) perhaps at a later time I'll post some older variations of her, but these are some more recent drawings. (I was missing Matt very badly while drawing a couple of these, you can probably tell which ones.)
(accidentally deleted the original color profile of this scan; it was drawn in blue. oh well)

i've been meaning to capture and draw my cat for some time now, just because the cat character has always been painfully cartoony and made-up looking (which is something that always annoyed me about Disney's Cinderella) so i'm trying not to duplicate that. the puppet is a stuffed dinosaur though, so he's fine. :)


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