Saturday, June 27, 2009


HELLO howdee-hey et cetera! if you've been to this blog before, you may have seen that one of my tags is called 'Walk the Moon'. if you've never actually tried to figure out what this is, Walk the Moon is a band here in Cincinnati that I've been working with for a few years, doing their album art and t-shirts and stuff like that.

now, i would do album designs for a band whether they're good or not (as long as they can pay me, haha) but Walk the Moon is a REALLY GREAT band. yes I'm plugging them- they linked me to their blog so i'm linking to theirs! hooray for linking and also linking. speaking of which, their myspace is where you can hear a LOT of their music (including professional recordings, live recordings and even some lo-fi stuff that sounds as though it may have been recorded in Nick's basement but is still AWESOME) and links to get their albums already out. so check it out. :)

so as a treat, here is a page of concept art for their new album which will hopefully be out later in the summer:

it is for the inside of the booklet. ALIENS, yes. if you want to see some other designs I've done for them, click the tag. I'll be at the acoustic show later today-- will I see you there? :)


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