Friday, June 5, 2009

some dogs

yeah, posting is slow. there are lots of drawings that can be posted, but they are still either A. cannot be released yet, due to secret plannings etc. B. are good drawings but just haven't been scanned yet due to computer-obsessed siblings and/or utter madness, stress, and other work and commissions.

but this is finished. :) a commission for a friend- evidently it's an inside joke, and that is why it makes no sense. I just drew what he told me. so, initial drawing (complete with victorian bathtub and funky perspective!!!!)

ink, via lightbox:

final watercolor.

shadows came to be a lot more purple than the intended blue (and the scanner made the colors look even worse than they are), but I suppose it turned out well for having been rather rushed. ok, "work" is starting. bye! :)

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