Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Secret Garden- FINAL

HAH! it loaded.

Walkin' the Moon

youtube is still chugging away. darn you, 347 mb quicktime file.

anyway. working on merch for the band walk the moon, if you haven't heard of them go here:
because they are awesome. i'm not being biased, i swear.

first here is a tshirt design:

I like it a lot better than the design i did a few months ago. the rest of these are for 2x3" stickers:

sounds like they're leaning towards that last one. good, i like it. :)


internet is back, huzzah! so I can get some things up here (FINALLY!!!!!). my final secret garden video is uploading to youtube right now, so i'll be able to post that also in a bit.

since school got out, i've been working on character designs for a friend's story- you probably remember the first character sheet i did for him:

well, later in the story that character's appearance changes so that it looks as if she's aged, and she also goes through a lot that changes her attitude of things. here she is older:

also, another character in that story is this young man here:

he got his eye shot out, poor dear. but he sure is cute anyway. hehee.

i'll check back soon with more stuff and the secret garden final video.