Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sketchbook pages and coming attractions!

Well, this has been a hellish uninteresting month for updates! But here are some sketchbook pages - the faces are from my last day in Professional Development for Animation class; the animals and tree are from a trip to the Oatland Wildlife Preserve during spring break (spent a considerable lot more time on that tree than any of the animals I saw). Said spring break was incredibly, wonderfully uneventful! And this week begins my very last quarter at SCAD. Cue introspection, sadness, happiness, and general emotional upheaval.

In other news, after discussing and polling my friends, I have decided to develop The Quest for the Radical-Righteous Band Hippie as a webcomic. It will be laid out in chapters, with virtually no recurring characters between chapters except for the Band Hippie himself. I will be putting considerable more meat into the stories of each band (in the original minicomic, each band's story was only two strips long).

I very much like the idea of this episodic, chapter-by-chapter setup - it'll give me a lot of wiggle room to explore into this world of action, adventure, fantasy, and the idiosyncrasies of being a modern musician. If all goes well, expect to see visual development for this project up here in the coming months; and if I plan correctly, a website with some initial content in June. HERE I GO!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Journals

The SCAD Minicomics Expo today: SUCCESS!!! I would have come out with more money if I hadn't spent it on comics before I left, haha. But how could I pass up original art by Pranas, a super-awesome book and screenprinted poster by Ralph, and a dinotopia-esque compendium by Nate Marsh? ANSWER: I COULDN'T. :)

I still came out in the positive, though! I learned that a lot more people enjoy sketchbooks than I anticipated, because I completely RAN OUT. I will have to be sure and print more before Captain's Comic Expo in a couple weeks.

and now, in celebration of this first artist alley, a few of my favorite journal comics from The Book of Elf Vol. 1 (which I sold and traded a few of today!) I've done a fair amount of journal comics before, but i never nailed down a consistent size or medium so that they would feel as though they had some kind of continuity. But anyway... now you can know just how much of a dork I am. :D

Updated Con Schedule:
3/19: Captain's Comic Expo - EXHIBITING
4/23: Fluke Con - Exhibiting (if I get there early enough)
6/5: Heroes Con - Maybe attending... it's the day after graduation. Blar.
9/10: Small Press Expo - Attending (mostly so I can bother Pranas, Renee and Kyle.) :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Branding Assets

...May be the most exciting subject line I've ever typed. ANYhow, update! I am currently building a portfolio website, and coming up with designs to go with that for my resume, business card, reel case, etc. has led to some new artwork to complete the whole design, so I thought I'd post some!

Fun Fact: my overall design aesthetic was inspired by a Donald Byrd album cover from 1958. WOOHOO BLUE NOTE JAZZ DESIGN!