Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Through the Door

Final for Larison's Vis. 1 class. we were instructed to draw in a style not our own; so for inspiration at the suggestion of a friend (thanks Scully!!!!) I turned to Tim Burton.

Note - as for style of figures, his style is all over the place. it's a testament to how versatile he is. so, I picked an odd melding of "Vincent" and "Corpse Bride" looks, with a heavy, heavy dash of Burton textures.


life drawing with kitty. this is the one that fell out the window. she can be very entertaining. :)

Justin Time

so, THE QUARTER IS OVER!!!! I only had to pull ONE all-nighter, and that was last night. x_________x

I do believe I never uploaded this story. written by Professor Guildersleeve, it is specifically designed to flummox young sequential artists. also, it's rather silly. but whatever. :)