Saturday, March 24, 2012

An Unfortunate Development

So it turns out, working full-time with a two hour commute, packing and cleaning up junk in preparation for a move, planning a wedding, probable minor surgery, and taking freelance and babysitting jobs for extra dollars do not bode well for extracurricular drawing. We can see very clearly Blanche's reaction to this development:

You've probably already noticed this, what with the increasingly infrequent posts. This is still my favorite place to post my work, but even taking the time to get things scanned and writing something is .... eh. My priorities are pretty scrambled at the moment, and probably will not settle again until after the big day at the end of May.

I've got a few things planned which I will schedule to post when I can. Until then, reader, thank you so much for your patience!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Spent some time in the basement of the office yesterday, with the tornado warnings. Saw a bit of the damage on TV today... So horrible. If you want to help some of the people affected, here are a couple ways to do so.

Drew this while I was stuck down in the basement - characters for a hopefully upcoming story, three siblings. Added a splash of color today. They look a bit too old, but hey; first time they've been put to paper (outside of the script).

Also, working on the program for the Savannah International Animation Festival!!! And hopefully I'll get to go, too. :D