Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tis the Season....

yup, guess who's drawing cartoons/portraits at her old high school's after-prom? offense to the high-schoolers. I just get persnickety when I feel old. :) and i especially feel old... when I find out that it STARTS at midnight. haha.

haven't drawn something completely in photoshop in a while.... cuts a lot of hassle, especially the issue of the scanner....

Friday, April 24, 2009

spring string fling

yeah, say THAT one five times fast. :)

just posting this because I finally got to do something inspired by the Blue Note Jazz album covers I've gotten to love so much. this poster/program design is for my mom's last orchestra concert this year with her students. did it in about an hour.... because she told me at lunchtime she needed it today. :P
heh, I love the textiness.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


yeah, i haven't painted in a while; digital or otherwise. so, this is me. drawn with wacom intuos 3 and photoshop. i dunno if i like it... sort of, i guess. it's ok. for a couple hours worth of work.

and, sort of an answer to Loish's self-portrait here. she is MUCH better with the painting though... i am WAAAAYYYYYY out of practice. like, a couple years. my brain thinks in line now. :P
took a couple screencaps as I was going. ....yeah, i need to cut my hair. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

random crap!

been sketch-book'n between working on the emerson comic (almost done), so here's some sketch'ns.

fanart/inspired by Wen-M's design for the wood fairy in the RP game Anima: Beyond Fantasy. you can see his original design here. (her name is Quinn.) I took some liberties with the design; there were some things i just wanted to change. buuuut i love fairies. and she's adorable. :)
(crappy scan, and rather shoddy inking too. will have to fix some things before I re-scan to color it.)

and THIS is the "random crap". my feet, and stuff around my room. not that great, but all together it may have.... something.

warm-ups. thank you to all the stock image uploaders on deviantart who submit photos of dancers! :)

ok. these last two are alien landscapes of sorts.... really nondescript and bleh, since I didn't have any reference with me to skew.

these were actually done with Walk the Moon's new CD in mind... coming up with ideas for the inner pages, should there be any. don't know yet if there will be. sigh. well, we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

an old book

I'd completely forgotten about these!!! I found them when I was going through old request/commission files. original creation date: may 2007.

so yeah, these aren't that great, but they still make me smile. my roommate kristen at the time had a graphic design class, and for an assignment she had to write a story and illustrate, color and print/bind it. now, kristen's a graphic designer/photographer; she doesn't draw all that much. so when she found out it was allowed, she got me to draw the lineart for the story she'd written, and she did the rest. so here's some old lauren drawings; laugh and say i've gotten better at least. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

5 minute 5 line

some selections from a homework assignment of Dove's- 100 pages, one drawing each, 5 minutes, 5 lines. these are the favorites- out of 100, you can see how many drawings it can take to get just a few good ones. :)

all are drawn from life in ballpoint on printer paper.

Ahsoka Tano

yeah, yeah, fanart. of sorts. scully challenged me to drawing ahsoka, because he said i'm great at drawing normal people, so how about aliens? :) so here's a face detail sketch and some action. (action drawn in elmer's paintastics. yeah, classy.)