Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pollinator Inktober part 1

I just realized that I did not post any of my 2017 Inktober drawings here on the blog! Clearly there are too many social media sites. 

I decided to pick my own theme for Inktober this year, and chose #SaveTheBees because losing pollinators is such a big issue right now, with pollution and habitat loss.  I didn't draw only bees, but here is a roundup of the favorite bee drawings I made during the month.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

OC3 2018 Poster

THERE IT IS! :)  I had the great job of designing the poster for Oldham County Comic Con for 2018!  The reading kiddo is based on a kiddo that I know (though when he was this size he was much more interested in climbing everything than reading).

I will also have a table at OC3 in February.  It might well be the only comics convention that I have a table at for 2018; I'm still debating SPACE.  I've talked about this in person to some comics friends over the last couple months but not online - I'll be taking a vacation from the breakneck art schedule of convention tables for a year to try and finish up a couple long-term projects that have languished for most of 2017 because I burned myself out for many months doing 6 shows almost in a row this past spring.  With the additional health and stress issues that have resulted from that, I don't want to push myself more anytime soon.  Not that I don't like painting Pokemon, but it really has become a hindrance.

During 2018, I will continue to be on social media and can always be reached that way or via email. :)  I hope to come back refreshed and with an amiable vengeance (and hopefully a new book or two) in 2019!