Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Lilith!!!

some more character designs for Scully's "Lilith" story- he's almost finished the first chapter I think; here's the website the pages so far can be read on:

so here we have kid lilith, purgatory lilith and lilith when she has to go to a party and obviously doesn't want to. mostly costume/hairstyle ideas. it'll be a while before he gets to the part of the story where these occur though. :)

(yes, these last few are photos. lack of scanner = crap.)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


some more quick sketches of my fellow animation students :)
and then, after the quarter ended in France, my mom came over and we did some train riding over to Hungary where friends of the family live. the other two pages are sketches from the church I went to with them, the last day before that 26-hour plane-hopping fiasco back to Cincinnati. oh well. an awesome trip, to be sure. hope I can go back someday!

Monday, December 15, 2008


oye, the madness! too bad I decided this isn't a photo blog, because I've got TONS of pictures from europe. well, anyway. thought I'd share some of the sketches from my cute red moleskin. it has a great deal of character- pages torn out, broken binding, oil stains from being dropped under the metro train in Paris. yup.

these are all quick on-the-go sketches from around Lacoste and Paris and my brains.

yes, that is my big annoying futura-font name. if I ever hear of anyone stealing my artwork it'll be a big annoying WATERMARK, people!!!!! don't listen to those orphan-works prigs. :P