Thursday, March 19, 2009

and now, with CHARACTER!

so here's some character designs. if i could get a job doing character designs, i would be happy indeed. :)

these first 4 are from the "magic eggs" story (amanda and foy don't come in till later).

these dudes are for a commission I'm working on right now- it takes place in an office, so these are office-types. these kind of characters are actually a bit more difficult for me, because there's less to work with in the way of different costume choices (though there are a lot if you really look). so these rely mostly on physical traits to differentiate between characters.

lastly... some flapper girl sketches from that IDEA i mentioned earlier. hm. actually, maybe I'd better email Troy and ask if i oughta save it for a senior film or something. that'd be fun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the final steps

final steps assignment for debra's animation 2 class... turned out good. I can't wait to get into some real acting animation though- hopefully I'll have time to this summer. i have... IDEAS. mwahahaha.

Magic eggs

so now comes the time when i make an attempt at recounting all the stuff that came out of last week, which was finals, which means there was a lot of stuff. *deep breath* ok! first up, my final from Dove's class, three pages of a comic story. this is the first 3 pages of a 7-page script written by me- hopefully I'll finish it someday!

first up, here's the roughs:

and now, the final inks! this was the first time I'd done digital lettering, so that was an adventure; had some trouble with the lack of fonts on SCAD computers; so i'll have to re-do the text and bubbles later, but this is ok for now. peace out....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

stepping out with my honey...

final project for animation 2 (thus far). :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lyle Roughs

haven't got much (technically any) time to post stuff, but here's some tight roughs from Lyle's class:

(detail of the old guy)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


and I've been doing a ton of crap for class. been unusually cold for savannah lately... snow up in Macon. crazy. also, if anyone needs someone who can do graphic design/portraits/storyboards/comics/painting/flash animation, please let me know, because Emerson marketing dept. isn't allowed to take on Temps for the time being. *slightly desperate pleading*. here's my email:

SO anyway we're well into the finals now, but I'm posting more than just that smut. first up here's the finishing touches on the "case of murder" piece...

ha. fooled you. nope, this is just the color layer (watercolor) of the image-- in the olden days, this would've been painted on bluelines of the ink, then the ink would be photocopied onto celluloid and laid over top. but of course nowadays that's all done with digital magic-ness.

turned out pretty nice- of course it didn't line up correctly, but I was able to finagle it into looking halfway-decent. and for fun, here's a watercolor of ol' Cap we did for a class exercise. Matt chastised me later for giving him wrong color gloves and chest star. whatever, he's currently dead anyways. ^_____^

(till Marvel revives him. you KNOW they will.)