Thursday, July 31, 2008

moon man maquette

maquette to help with my animation. nick hasn't yet answered if he minds if i post the storyboards here, so this'll hafta do for now. the main thing i made him for is the helmet- and turning his head. (which is why his legs and feet are so globby.) with the helmet, he has to turn his shoulders and part of his torso to look around, which could be either annoying or interesting. maybe both. i'll keep you posted.

he's 7-8" tall. haven't measured him yet. armature wire, foil and super sculpey.

yeah, i accidentally burned his leg a bit. blarg.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

still walking the moon, but not earth's moon

storyboards/thumbnails are good for walk the moon's animated intro.... now i just need to board the thumbnails for the outtro, put together the animatics and get animating. annnd design the DVD menu. o____o 3 weeks. that's gonna be difficult to swing, working full-time. *deep breath* at least it doesn't need color.

talked to Nick a bit about a REAL music video- something from the EP. Sam thought we should do stone cold fox, because it's the most popular. i'm glad Nick didn't sound too convinced of that... he said that stone cold fox is supposed to be interpreted in different ways by different people, or just however they want to interpret it, so therefore making a video of it would give it one definitive interpretation which defeats the purpose.

this is just my OPINION… but I think when you want to make a music video (no matter in what film medium or genre of music) you should choose a song that would be enhanced by having video with it- whether that be judged by the lyrics or the music itself. (think disney's Fantasia films.)

Nick was leaning towards angeline, and I agree… with live of the band cut between the animated parts that tell the story, fading in and out. That is one that’d look best in color- cue photoshop CS3 learning manual/calling Elaine with offers of chocolate.

Burning or autopilot might both be good for videos at some point based on both the music and lyrics, but they’re both rather abstract so it’d take a lot of brainstorming for those. But the song I REALLY want to do is the ceiling. That song has a definite story to it; the lyrics write the images all by themselves, and basically puts the challenges down to shots and camera angles. :)

i emailed nick to ask if he cared whether i put the storyboards up on here or deviantart, but i'm a-thinkin' he's pretty busy, with the band and his job. i'll probably call him in the next couple days.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


well, geez. this girl's turned out to be harder than i thought. :P

i've got a lot more sketches of her, but these are the only ones i actually like, even though they're off-model (skully gave me some modifications after i'd drawn them). but... eh. think i'll take a turn at rose next, and nail down a layout and pose for justin's character; then come back and try at cassandra again.

finished drawing walk the moon's storyboards, too :D got them scanned, they just need to be cleaned up etc. so you'll probably be seeing those soon ^_^

Friday, July 18, 2008

just a small one

a good scanner is hard to come by in my area of residence. :P

at any rate... been working on a lot of new and old projects; and the new desk job is going well but i never thought i'd end up in a cubicle in a room full of techies and programmers, haha. as for personal and freelance stuff:

>if you're familiar with my deviantart site, you may remember a character sheet for a trio known as puppet, cat and blanche. blanche i've been drawing for years, but cat and puppet are more recent additions. i've been writing out their story which i plan to draw in some sort of quasi-sequential/storybook style. the text is basically just description of the visuals with dialogue- script as narrative. it can be read in parts on my LJ:
i want to start doing sketches for that soon. but it'll happen when i have free time. (not soon.) :P

>working on two more chatacter designs for the lilith morningstar story that skully ( ) has been writing. got a handful of good sketches for one of them, need to finish the turnaround and then i'll post her.

>am commissioned to do a character design/poster illustration of a friend's DND character (I LOVE DRAWING DND CHARACTERS XD ) i've only got a description and really rough pose sketches so far, but it's started.

>THE BEST THING: my first freelance animation job! WOOHOO!!!! would you be surprised that it's for the same band i've been working with for the past two years? haha. ( ) walk the moon, the band i've been designing merch for. i got to talking with their producer Erwin Musper at one of their gigs, and he came up with the idea for an animated intro/outtro they could use for a live rock video they'll be recording in a few weeks!!!

so, that is the newest thing; almost finished with the storyboards, and once i get my new laptop and software i'll be able to put an animatic together to pitch. it's still a bit up in the air, and who knows when (if) i'll get paid, but heck if it's a good peice for my reel then good deal. :)

so that's what's going on... and i should probably get back to work. ttfn.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


went to the zoo last saturday with sandy (and saw wall-e afterwards). didn't draw a WHOLE lot, but i do like some of what i did get. gotta love those manatees. :D

model fiesta

model fiesta: a gathering of models, costumes and props optional, for a large group of students to draw.

:) that first one won me the 20$ prize for best portrait. i left it unfinished intentionally. that last one in blue is from sketch club right after the model fiesta. ^_^

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


i started a new job last friday. one of the first things they had me doing was logo design... so here's some of those. i'm kind of liking that second one woth the lightning bolt. :)