Saturday, March 29, 2008

THIS... is the second first post.


there were troubles with my last account, to the point where i couldn't log back in to update and such; and so i started over and copied my entries to here. whee.

My name is Lauren Rasmussen, though on occasion i have been called 'Elf'. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, but i was born in Kansas and usually feel that my brain is still there. Cincinnati has interesting Chili, and Kansas has sweet lightning storms. my major is Animation, and I am doing 2D; my minor is Sequential Art. This quarter I am also taking Digital form, space and lighting which should be verrry interesting considering how very much Maya despises me. I am also taking 20th Century Art History, which should not really be interesting at all. concerning all those animation-related questions, i enjoy watching any type of animation on the web or otherwise if it done well. my absolute favorite movie is Disney's Peter Pan, so that should show my opinion of the definition of 'done well'. i LOVE reading, my favorite book is "Walk Two Moons" by Sharon Creech and she is one of my favorite authors as well, but some of my other favorites are Eoin Colfer, JRR Tolkein, Francis Burnett, CS Lewis, Roald Dahl, Louis Sachar and tons more but i think that's enough. I hate TV, I don't watch it ever by choice. and there are so many people i admire for whatever reasons I suppose I'll just leave it here.

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