Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Great Sketch Dump of December 2010


...with a true story about a whiteboard, John Webber and manatees.

and a manic insomniac greaser dude named Neem. why Neem? it's fun to say. tried a color scheme for him in photoshop, looks pretty good:

and last for the moment, a collection of faces from around Montgomery Hall. Most on this page are from Jason Maurer's awesome Senior 2 class. :) (even more awesome now that it's finished!)

MORE IS COMING... BEWAREY. Random notes:

The Pass and Eat Sugar are two bands playing with Walk the Moon at the UGLY SWEATER show down at the Mad Hatter Saturday. AWESOME LOCAL BANDS YO! Check 'em out! If not in person, at least on their web-o-sites. :D

Also, band Pomplamoose is helping out with a book drive for a school in Richmond CA. you donate a book, you get to download their Christmas album for free! and I must say, it contains the most lovely sounds.

Can you tell I have this thing for music? Ta.

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Greg Vinciguerra said...


My, you were very generous with his hair.